Sergey has a special sort of charm all on his own

Construction Is Awesome: The primary appeal of the game. There’s no combat in the initial version, but who needs combat when you can spent hours building incredible machines with your friends, and then drive or fly them around? Complexity Addiction: Sure, you could make a simplistic car out of a metal plate, four wheels, engine, and driver’s seat but what’s to stop you from making a massive truck with multiple sets of wheels, a flying tiltjet craft, a Walking Tank, a transforming house on wheels, or something far weirder and cooler? Computer Voice: The Agribots on the in game radio intersperse their music broadcasts with distorted statements in Machine Monotone such as “We are controlling the radio.” and “We will find you.” Co Op Multiplayer: The only kind of multiplayer so far, with the players co operating to quickly create impressive buildings and machines.

Years later, a first episode of what looked like an upcoming series of the Russian Dancing Men was uploaded on April, 4, 2014, starring four specific characters. Reception by the usual audience Weebl’s site, that is rather polarizing on a certain scale, though it’s still respected. They are short, sturdy, loud, mustachioed fellows that love to dance. Sergey has a special sort of charm all on his own. Not to mention the high squeaky voice that makes him stand out among most Husky Russkies. Adobe Flash Americans Are Cowboys: Portrayed as such in the Winter Olympics. And because they’re also fat, they go as far to refer to them as ” The Pigs of Capitalism”. Arc Words: “Brothers”, “comrades”, and the like. Badass Mustache: Everyone! Catch Phrase: “I BLAME THE CAPITALIST PIG(S)!” Generally followed by a “And I blame comrade Sergey for [doing X to lead the Dancing Men into a picky situation]!”, usually from Dimitry. The Charmer: If Suave Boris’s name is anything to go by and is also the only one who doesn’t have a Russian accent. He’s also probably The Ace. Subverted with the fact that besides Olaf, even he wasn’t so lucky with the ladies during episode 3. Chekhov’s Gun: They had three! In the second episode when they were imprisoned in another country (that seems to be an expy of Ukraine. or somewhere), they were able to escape by the spoons that Sergey was using for instruments which were stuck on Olaf’s feet since he gets sticky when it’s too hot (yeah.). So when he danced with the spoons on his feet, they were able to dig their way back into their home. Cloudcuckoolander: Sergey is this, big time. Wasting the money for food to buy a bear, for starters. For that matter, the whole dance troupe could fall into this. Dirty Communists: In which it’s portrayed a bit more affably than most examples. Their Great Leader on the other hand. Funetik Aksent: The clips for the game. Its subtitles have a field day with their pronunciation of words containing “ng”. Gagging on Your Words: Great Leader cannot bring himself to say the word “peace”. Glorious Leader: The Great Leader. Duh. Even fitting is that he obviously has plans invading the neighboring country but insists it was just a misunderstanding. Glorious Mother Russia: How they do love her. Gratuitous Russian: The liberated use of the Cyrillic Alphabet on English words notwithstanding. Husky Russkie: Most of them talk like and sound like one but with a few exceptions. I Need a Freaking Drink: The Twist Ending in the game when Sergey points out that Lenin’s waxy corpse was the one who set up all the obstacles. When asked how he knew that, he reveals himself to be a top KGB spy called, Olaf Spies a lotski. The resulting confusion prompts Dimitry to say:(beat) I need vodka.

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