SP can do it as well, by twirling her daggers in front of her

Attack Reflector: Kyoko can place crystal barriers that reflect beams back at her opponent, and protect her from missiles for a while. SP can do it as well, by twirling her daggers in front of her. Background Boss: Robo is this full time as the final boss of “Falling Wonder” story. Berserk Button: didn’t like being called a “shorty” by NoName. Bonus Boss: Sora, if you can keep an A Rank average or higher in every single match in Arcade Mode, in a single credit. Defeat her and she’s yours. Close Range Combatant: SP, who uses a pair of beam daggers to fight, however, her projectiles have limited range, which is a problema if your opponent tries to shoot you from far away, so she relies on close combat as her main method of attack. Normal, P and Sora also count to a lesser degree, it’s not their main method of attack, but some of their more powerful combos involve using the sword. There’s also Kae, who has projectiles to protect herself http://produkdaurulangdepok.com/face-of-the-band-invoked-on-the-backglass/, but she prefers close combat for devastating combos, and to reflect her Blood Knight personality. Competitive Multiplayer: The VS. Mode, where players can fight against one another or against the computer. really knows how to abuse (and her variants) to destroy players on Normal or Hard with cheap combo attacks. In Hard Mode, the computer deal three times as much damage as normal, so, any char can demolish you in a matter of seconds if given the chance. Critical Status Buff: Any time Kae’s Heat percentage reaches 200% or higher, but she can use more powerful attacks that could also inflict burning status to her opponents. She can also set herself ablaze with her Spontaneous Combustion move and keep her Heat fixed at 200% temporarily. Dance Battler: Hime, when fighting, refers to it as a dance. “Dancing is wonderful.”

Tank Goodness: The tank Van Zan’s crew has with them causes noticeable concern among Quinn and his community. Tanks, but No Tanks: Van Zan’s tank is a Chieftan main battle tank used by the British Army in the 60s and 70s, with some cosmetic modifications (including the commander’s M2 Browning .50 cal being mocked up to resemble a Russian DShK for no apparent reason). Averted in that nobody ever actually says anything about the tank, where they got it, or how long they’ve had it. However, given that the Americans have fuel, ammo, and are proficient in using it, Fridge Logic tells us that it’s supposed to stand in for a more modern and capable M1 Abrams. Tanks for Nothing: The Chieftan tank does diddly squat against any dragon. Testosterone Poisoning: Matthew McConaughey plays his character this way. Trivia has it that McConaughey WRESTLED COWS to get his build for the movie. Too Dumb to Live: Eddie, a member of Quinn’s community. First he tries to pick the crop out of season (admittedly it’s because he has starving kids, but still the same counts for everyone) attracting a dragon in the process and costing them half their crop. Later on, he joins up with Van Zan’s doomed raid on London and is killed. His children seem to have inherited that same lack of IQ, as one when rescued by Quinn in the fireproof trucks, decides to stand in the exposed turret without a protective suit and thus gets barbecued. Victory by Endurance: Quinn’s plan at the start of the film is basically to outlast the dragons, whose destructive rampages are unsustainable for their population. The problem, of course, is that said rampages are equally destructive for the humans, so it’s down to a contest of who starves first. Once the male is dead, the prospects for the humans outliving the dragons go up significantly. Walking Shirtless Scene: Van Zan. Watching Troy Burn: Quinn gets to do this to the castle after the big male arrives. What Happened to the Mouse?: Gideon, the only surviving Archangel, disappears from the film after having his moment in the spotlight. He is mentioned briefly after that, but we don’t know what happened to him. What the Hell, Hero?: Van Zan tears the brits a new one when they throw a party; to them, they’re celebrating the death of the dragon that had devastated their food supply. To him, they’re celebrating the death of one dragon and three of his men. The World’s Expert on Getting Killed: Van Zan and the Kentucky Irregulars claim to be experienced dragonslayers. In their battle at the castle, they lose three men and need Quinn’s help to win. Against the male, they’re all burned to a crisp save Van Zan and Alex. Finally, Van Zan gets eaten in a futile attack against the.

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