Improbably Female Cast: As with most Girls Love series

Action Girl The Fair Folk: In “Summer Guests” Fantasy Counterpart Culture: In Agent of Vega, the relationship between Earth and the Confederacy is very reminiscent of that between the UK and the USA. The Federation: The Confederacy of Vega. Healing Vat: In Agent of Vega, Iliff delivers his final mission report from one, after his near fatal confrontation with the Big Bad of his story. I Will Find You: Agent Zamm in the Vega story The Truth about Cushgar is searching for her kidnapped husband and son. Psychic Assisted Suicide: In “Rogue Psi”. Psychic Powers: in the Agent of Vega series such powers, technologically boosted, are almost universal though degree of strength varies. The Radio Dies First: In “The Beacon to Elsewhere”, the protagonist prudently packs two radios, but they’re both taken out when his vehicle crashes. (One ran off the same power source as the vehicle, the failure of which caused the crash, and the other had an independent power source, but was damaged in the crash itself.) Sealed Room in the Middle of Nowhere: Barney Chard’s prison in “Gone Fishing” a well appointed cabin, in the mountains, overlooking a lake. On an alien planet. Space Elves: The Daya Bals in the Agent of Vega setting, a human descended race of metaphysicists and artists. Square Race, Round Class: Most people in the Vegan Confederacy wouldn’t think one of the gentle, ethereal Daya Bals could ever be a ruthless Zone Agent unless they happen to meet Zamm. Space Police: The agents of Vega The Spymaster: The Third Co ordinator of the Vegan Confederacy

Ignored Enamored Underling: Megumu to Saeki; it’s not clear to what extent Saeki is aware of it. Important Haircut: Julia has short hair in the very last episode. Mainly, this indicates that some time has passed, but in that time Ran has disappeared, and also Julia has changed somewhat. Improbably Female Cast: As with most Girls Love series. In Vino Veritas: One glass is enough to transform the shy, insecure and up to that point mostly straight Ran into this Incompatible Orientation: try as she may, Kaoru isn’t getting anywhere with Saeki. Intertwined Fingers: Julia and Ran doing it in chapter 15 symbolizes the next stage of their relationship. The Jail Bait Wait: Kaoru is careful to point out that she has no intention of “crossing the line” with Haruna as long as the girl is under the legal age of consent. Teasing her to no end is a different matter, and apparently covering each others’ bodies with kiss marks is allowed, causing an exasperated Saeki to ask what line is going to be left to cross at this rate. Large Ham: Ryou of ZLAY is absolutely fabulous. Lost in Translation: According to Word of God, much of the humor is based on puns or references to Japanese popular culture and media. Western readers who only know the manga from Scanlation are probably missing out on a lot. Lovable Sex Maniac: Kaoru and Ryou Love at First Sight: Julia changes her mind about being Ran’s senpai really quickly after seeing her once. Love Redeems: Julia starts off with a mean, abrasive personality; falling in love with Ran brings out the nicer aspects of her character. Maid and Maiden: Saeki is a kind of mentor/surrogate mother to orphaned Julia. She also plays the part of a strict chaperone for most of the manga. Meganekko: Sera. Saeki has the glasses but definitely not the personality. Mrs Imagination: Julia. Holy schlamoly. Nosebleed: Julia as a result of Ran doing something Julia perceives as cute. Lampshaded on these two pages. New Season, New Name: from Strawberry Shake to Strawberry Shake Sweet, at the same time Yuri Shimai was rebooted into Yuri Hime. No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction: Julia gets to kiss Ran as part of a stage performance at the Zlay concert, but she complains that it’s “like taking a helicopter straight to the peak of mount Everest”. Not What It Looks Like: Several, though one in particular was during New Years when Saeki, pissed off at Kaoru’s flirtations, ties her up and threatens to throw her out with the trash. Cue Julia and Ran walking in at that very moment and add the fact that both know Kaoru has a thing for Saeki. Oblivious to Love: Ran manages to miss some really obvious looks and passes from Julia:Ran: I’ll rub your shoulders for you later.

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