Late in the game, it’s possible to acquire an item that allows

Innocent Cohabitation: Ryle has to share a room at the inn in Southern Cray with either Latyss or Caris; later on, an innkeeper tries to make him share a room with four of the girls. Hilarity Ensues. I Read It for the Articles: Played with. During one of the sidequests, Caris mocks Ryle because the only thing he reads is HOT Lover magazine. Orubia replies, embarrassed, that she also reads it for the horoscopes, and Mariel cheerfully states that she reads it for the crossword puzzles. Japanese Honorifics: Hayami addresses Ryle as Ryle dono, which is our first clue that he’s actually royalty, something Hayami figures out long before The Reveal. Last Girl Wins: The Mariel ending. Or, if you could find her, the Lucitta ending. Like Father, Like Son: Fina follows in her mother Flare’s footsteps to become the Sacred Dragoon. Caris and her father have similar personalities. Mariel, like her father, is a gunsmith. A more subtle example is Prince Dyss, who, like his father, falls in love with a servant at the Royal Palace. Literal Metaphor: Twice. The heroes turn into ice pillars upon Mariel’s unexpected questions in a comedic effect, but it turns out they are literally frozen by her ignorance. Long Lost Relative: Hayami, alias Princess Esmeriah, is Fina Delstar’s first cousin: her father King Zeskar and Fina’s father Rain were brothers. Ryle and Prince Dyss of Factoria are half brothers. Love Potion: In the later parts of the game, Ryle can pick up vials of “Love Potion 9” by completing certain tasks, which raise the attraction of all the girls in his party when used. However, it’s not possible to win over any of the girls with the potion alone. This is because ending up with a particular girl requires an attraction score of 38 to 44 points; a potion can only add 1 to 2 points at a time. Late in the game, it’s possible to acquire an item that allows you to trade battle points for vials of potion, but it would take heavy grinding to make this work if your attraction score is low to begin with. Magical Girlfriend: Lucitta, the Mahzok, who is a bonus unlockable character. Ryle can choose to end up with her if he wants to. Meaningful Name: More like Meaningful Surnames. The game is in love with these; many characters have surnames that directly allude to their personalities or powers: Caris Burnfist, the hot tempered fire mage with a devastating uppercut.

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