Bee Bee Gun: Jadusable’s weapon is a weird variation on this:

The opening titles note the film takes place “One Zillion BC, October 9th” Lennon’s birthday (the date, not the year).During the scene in Aliens where Ripley confronts Burke, she mentions that his order to the colonists was dated “6/12/79”, which was Alien’s release date.Back to the FutureBack to the Future: The date which Doc Brown invented time travel and Marty accidentally travels back to is November 5, 1955.The date it uses as the “present” (October 26, 1985) is referenced in the later Robert Zemeckis film Death Becomes Her as the date when Helen took the immortality potion.Coincidentally, November 5th was the date traveled to in another time travel movie, Time After Time, which also starred Mary Steenburgen, who would play Clara Clayton in Back to the Future Part III.In Back to the Future Part II, Marty learns in 1985 A that George was killed on March 15, 1973 A; Julius Caesar was killed on March 15th aka “The Ides of March”.In Con Air, Cameron Poe’s daughter’s birthday note and the day Poe would meet her for the first time was July 14, the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille, an historical event that foreshadows what happens onboard the “Jailbird” (it’s taken hostage by convicts).

Hermes Replica Bags Played for drama in Berserk when Casca goes into labor in front of Guts and undergoes a miscarriage. Though the baby is underdeveloped and mutated, thus it SURVIVES, she’s still going through all the bouts of labor pain and “silently” screams when the fetus comes out. All other examples within Berserk are horrifically justified, as many pregnant women are impregnated with demon spawn and aren’t as lucky as Casca to have a somewhat safe vaginal birth. True, it happens during a moment of great significance, but the mother is sitting up halfway, supported by her husband, and their two little children (roughly 3 and 5) stand by watching. It’s a joyous event, and there is sweat and strain but no screaming or negative emotions. The midwife takes the little baby, cord still attached, and lays him on the mother’s stomach, and the whole family cuddles up together. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Sherlok Holms is a Stylistic Suck Detective Drama webcomic by troper Commander Jay. Think of it as Creepypasta meets Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. The plot for each comic goes like this: Sherlok Holms, our hero (a usually armless stick figure with a sometimes striped hat) and his partner in crime Ben go out and attempt to “arest” a famous creepypasta star (for example, Slender Man). Starting off as a running joke between friends, the creator decided to draw the comics digitally and post him on his Deviantart page, where it gained a very small cult following. You can read them here. Definitely not influenced by that Sherlock Holmes guy, he’s a hack. Big Bad: Suicide Mouse and formerly Mr. Burns. Bee Bee Gun: Jadusable’s weapon is a weird variation on this: it actually turns people into bees. Berserk Button: Never follow Sherlok around unless you’re Ben. “SERIOSLY I SAID KNOKC IT OFF ALREDY” Buddy Cop Show Catch Phrase: “i am SHERLOK HOLMS, mastre detectve” or some variation on that. Ben goes with “ur undre arest” Eye Beams: The only weapon Ben can use. Five Man Band: The Hero: Sherlok The Lancer: Ben The Big Guy: Ben/Soicide Squidwerd The Smart Guy: Mr Burns The Chick: Wallis Heel Face Turn: Mr. Burns, Squidward. Heel Face Door Slam: Despite the fact that Mr. Burns had a Heel Face Turn, he’s killed by Ben because “he’s annoying”. Jerkass: Suicide Mouse and Haunted Super Mario 64, the former being the prime example; he steals 30 cakes, takes Ben with, and steals all of Sherlok’s weapons just so he can kill Ben. Lazy Artist: Duh. Morality Chain: Ben, who keeps Sherlok from stealing bananas and doing “drogs” Murder Is the Best Solution: Apparently, a successful “arest” requires Eye Beams and a Boom, Headshot. Lampshaded in Episod 17. Narm: invoked Intentional. “WHY DID U KELL MY FAMILE????” Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Jadusable’s “beeinator” turns people into bees. He’s allergic to bee stings. No prizes for guessing how they defeat him. Oh Poop Private Detective: Sherlok. The Quiet One: According to Word of God, Ben “cen say otr tiengs [than his Catch Phrase] but onley wehn th situatin arises taht he neds to do it” Rouge Angles of Satin: “Shute”, “Arest”, “Banannanas”, “Soicide”, and “Ramina”, amung contless otres. Sidekick: Ben. Stylistic Suck They Fight Crime!: He’s a stick figure with a moldable face. He’s a statue that shoots lasers out of his eyes. They fight crime! Took A Level In Bad Ass: Wallis, in Episod 27. Trademark Favorite Food: Sherlok and bananas. Verbal Tic Ben and “ur undre arest” Vere Specle Episode: Episode 9, where “sherlok homls gets drogs” Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.

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