“The 200m world record has stood for a long, long time

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Hermes Replica Bags After her sprint star boyfriend Eamon Sullivan narrowly missed the world record in the semi finals of the men 100m freestyle earlier in the night, Rice was not to be outdone with a sizzling 2min 08.92sec swim.She slashed 0.80sec off China Yan Yan Wu 1997 world record and almost 3sec off her own Commonwealth record.Rice celebrations were more composed than after her 400m IM world record, but she said breaking her second world mark was beyond her expectations.”It definitely beyond comprehension,” Rice said.”The 200m world record has stood for a long, long time. I actually didn know who held the world record.”I knew it was someone from China, but I didn know who it was because it obviously happened so long ago.”I was trying not to think about what happened in the 400m IM.”I am done now, I have got no more main races, I am extremely excited and I am going to celebrate and enjoy the moment. It definitely exceeded my expectations.”I have had the meet of my life and I am so happy. I just hope I can put together an even better preparation for the Olympics and try to do some more personal bests.”Queenslander Alicia Coutts, 20, also booked herself a place on the Olympic teamAlready a glamour girl of the Australian team, Rice slashed an astonishing 6sec off her personal best to break the 400m IM record on Saturday night.Her 4:31.46 performance bettered American teenage ace Katie Hoff previous world mark by almost 1 also showed impressive form in the semi finals of the 200m freestyle on Monday.But she pulled out of last night 200m freestyle final to concentrate on another world record swim in the 200m IM.In the final of the women 200m freestyle, Bronte Barratt smashed Libby Trickett Commonwealth record to earn herself a second event in Beijing.The 19 year old Queenslander, who had already qualified for the 400m freestyle, cut almost a second off her personal best time to win in 1:56.60 ahead of Linda MacKenzie (1:56.99).In the semi finals of the women 200m butterfly, world record holder Jessicah Schipper swam 2:11.17 to qualify third fastest for tonight final behind Felicity Galvez (2:10.56) and teenager Samantha Hamill Hermes Replica Bags.

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