Big Ball of Violence: Br’er Rabbit gets caught in one with

Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animal: Mr. Bluebird Adults Are Useless: Played straight with Johnny’s mother Sally. She’s so wrapped up in trying to make him feel better and raise him properly that she doesn’t bother listening to anyone else’s advice or explanations (not even Johnny’s), and unknowingly makes things worse for him as a result. Johnny’s father, John Sr., does come around, with gentle urging from Uncle Remus; Sally finally accepts what’s going on. Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Most of the animal characters, if not all. Bears are Bad News: Br’er Bear. But on the other hand. Beary Funny: Br’er Bear may be a villain, but a harmless and humorous one. Bee Afraid: As part of Br’er Rabbit’s “laughing place” scam. Lampshaded by Br’er Bear when he is the first to fall for this and emerges with the beehive on his nose, saying, “There ain’t nothin’ in here ‘cept beeeeeezzzzzzz!” and a swarm of bees comes flying out of his mouth. Big Ball of Violence: Br’er Rabbit gets caught in one with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear at one point. Big Fancy House Black Best Friend: Toby Brains and Brawn: Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear. Briar Patching: Not just the story that the trope is named after, but after hearing the story, Johnny pulls this trope on Ginny’s brothers. Carnivore Confusion: The Hero of the stories is a rabbit, so the fox and the bear are villains. Chekhov’s Gunman: The bull. Comic Book Adaptation: Eventually, the Br’er Rabbit stories just drop the movie’s original frame story altogether. Naturally, it’s only those later stories that get reprinted. The characters, most notably Br’er Bear, also make numerous appearances in The Three Little Pigs comics. Cool Old Guy: Uncle Remus Cunning Like a Fox: Br’er Fox, or so he would think. You just have to go on the ride to see Br’er Bear run into trouble. Dark Reprise: Both on the ride and in the movie, the song “Laughing Place” gets a dark reprise (“Burrow’s Lament”). It has vocals in the dark reprise only in the Disneyland version. In Disney World, there is just an instrumental. Br’er Fox singing “How do you do”. Does This Remind You of Anything?: Both subverted and inverted: The Boondocks is the one asking the question, and the answer is probably “No,” because Aaron McGruder’s one of the few younger Americans who has seen it. For those that haven’t, Song of the South has Uncle Remus, and The Boondocks has Uncle Ruckus. Plenty of Americans have seen it, just not the under 25 crowd. It used to be broadcast occasionally up until The ’80s. Doomed New Clothes: Poor Ginny Favers. she understandably breaks down in tears. Exact Words: During the Laughin’ Place scene where Br’er Rabbit tricks his two foesBr’er Bear: You said this was a laughin’ place! And I ain’t laughin’! [gets attacked by bees].

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