The worst part is that Kakashi only did it once and it was

Kakashi also gets a lot of malice for perceived favoritism towards Sasuke over Naruto. The worst part is that Kakashi only did it once and it was justified. He also left Naruto with a guy who became Jonin because of his teaching abilities, and ended up leading Naruto to his other mentor, Jiraiya. And of course, the fact that if he hadn’t taken the month to train Sasuke, he was pretty sure that his fight against Gaara would have killed him. The only real mistakes Kakashi made was not being upfront about the other reason he was training Sasuke in isolation (keep him from getting taken by Orichimaru), ignoring Sakura instead of giving a review performance to set her on the path on how to improve (making her essentially the one student he did neglect), and going off on incomplete information regarding Gaara (he didn’t know Gaara was a Tailed Beast Host and out powered Sasuke to such a degree that unless Sasuke got a lucky shot and killed him in one strike of the Chidori, Gaara would have crushed him anyways).

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Replica Valentino Handbags The bell test given by Kakashi. Kakashi has two bells and claims that only those with a bell will pass the test (there are always three people attempting). This would naturally prompt people to attempt to grab the bells by themselves, allowing Kakashi to easily defeat them in a one on one fight. The actual test is to see who would propose to the others that they all work together to get the bells for the good of all. If they fail that test, he has another one in which he explains the purpose of the original test, then offers to give them a second chance, but leaves them with one teammate tied up and receiving no lunch and a warning to not feed him/her. (Kakashi states that as low as ninjas who do not follow the rules are, those who do not support their comrades are even lower.) It’s worth noting that Kakashi is at that point notorious for rejecting every prospective team of Genin in the past. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are the only students who ever passed his test Replica Valentino Handbags.

Good thing too, since due to a Stable Time Loop Kate turns out

My Brain Is Big: The Cortex, one of Kyle’s enemies, has a huge head. My God, What Have I Done?: Kyle has this reaction in “Unicrone Penalty Box” after he deliberately sabotages an important test and thus has Phillip branded as a bad mentor (because he thought Phillip was ashamed of him and wanted to learn him a lesson), but then learns that because of failing the test Phillip will be send to the Unicrone Penalty Box for 900 years.

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